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I didn't know what I needed for my little car (a 1988 325 Convertible) in anticipation of a 2000+ mile road trip but they took care of everything.

I started my road trip with a much-improved car and I had a nice journey.

I arrived safely and without incident (except for a speeding ticket -- maybe it ran too well)!

-- Shelley Dunn

The service has been great!

-- M.E.

It's a pleasure for me too, dealing with someone who takes a genuine interest in going over the top in personalized customer service!

-- H.C.

Just want you to know that you all have incredible customer service and are a pleasure to work with. I’m sure I’ll use you again and would definitely recommend.

-- Josh West

I'm so happy to have found you on the computer ... Nice to find people like you ... Thanks again for all your help & if I need anything else, I'll definitely check with you first.

-- D.M.

I can't thank you enough. Hope we can do more business.

-- J.
Tech Article

BMW E30 3-Series Glove Compartment Flashlight Technical Musings

Last Updated: 09/04/2016
Parts Group: Glove compartment flashlight
We sell good, original BMW, used E30 glove compartment flashlights. We hardly ever have them in stock, and (supply and demand) they are very pricey, but feel free to check our latest pricing and availablity:
The glove compartment units we offer don’t come with the cool little rechargeable flashlight that the car came with. These seem to no longer be available from the dealer, either.

A few owners have posted threads of where to still find these, used, and how other models’ flashlights also fit. A few threads cover how to replace the batteries with modern ones, and some others yet cover how to upgrade these flashlights to bright, modern LEDs. One cynical owner, whose thought process I like, vowed to go yank the fuse that enables the rechargeable flashlight because he didn’t want to have one more thing that drains the main battery when he parks the car for long periods of time. I am secretly hoping that this circuit is powered on only when the ignition key is “on” but if not, he has a point. Several owners expressed disappointment at how lame the battery is after a few years’ use, i.e., even when charged, for how short a period of time the flashlight has power.

This is one example where new tech is really better. I’m tempted to go buy a used, dead glove compartment flashlight from a junkyard, and a $5 LED flashlight from Walgreens and then dismantle both and make a hybrid solution. The batteries on LED flashlights last for so long that the entire recharging premise might be a moot point too.
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