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I didn't know what I needed for my little car (a 1988 325 Convertible) in anticipation of a 2000+ mile road trip but they took care of everything.

I started my road trip with a much-improved car and I had a nice journey.

I arrived safely and without incident (except for a speeding ticket -- maybe it ran too well)!

-- Shelley Dunn

The service has been great!

-- M.E.

It's a pleasure for me too, dealing with someone who takes a genuine interest in going over the top in personalized customer service!

-- H.C.

Just want you to know that you all have incredible customer service and are a pleasure to work with. I’m sure I’ll use you again and would definitely recommend.

-- Josh West

I'm so happy to have found you on the computer ... Nice to find people like you ... Thanks again for all your help & if I need anything else, I'll definitely check with you first.

-- D.M.

I can't thank you enough. Hope we can do more business.

-- J.
Used Side window for 1984-1991 BMW 3 Series E30

Side window
(Passenger, Green, with trim and surrounding rubber)

Used BMW Side window (Passenger, Green, with trim and surrounding rubber) $120.00 for 3 Series E30 (1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 318i 2-door, 325 2-door, 325e 2-door, 325i 2-door)

Qty on hand on 09/16/2019: 1

General price of this type of part in used condition with minor imperfections:

Included in the price:
Glass, chrome trim, B-pillar trim, rubber surround

Specifically not included in the price:
Vertical B-pillar rubber
Quantity available in this condition:1

Shipping charge: Please inquire

Also, we have one or more lower-priced,
more-than-slightly-imperfect parts available:

Window has tint material that has scratches$100.00Image not available
Shipping: Please inquire

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Side window (Driver, Green, glass only), as on: E30 2-door non-convertibles 5136 1888455 $55.00, not on hand
Side window (Driver, Green, with trim and surrounding rubber), as on: E30 2-door non-convertibles $120.00, not on hand
Side window (Passenger, Green, glass only), as on: E30 2-door non-convertibles 5136 1888456 $55.00, not on hand


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